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About Martizay


A wonderful website entirely faithful to the noble cause of the village:


A webpage about Notz l'Abbé chapel:


A webpage about wall painting of Notz l'Abbé chapel:


A webpage about our museum: 


A website of a Martizean publisher:


A website about Saint-Antoine Workshop at Notz l'Abbé:


A website about Catoire-Semi workshop at Martizay:


The website of the "community of communes" in which  Martizay belongs to:



La chapelle de Notz l'Abbe






Les Ateliers St Antoine de Notz l'Abbe



communaute de communes

About la Claise river


A wonderful website about our valley:


About " Doyenné" of Brenne-Touraine which includes St Étienne church of Martizay.


 This site is not finished yet:



About Prehistory and Roman Ages


More specific about Le Grand-Pressigny:     english version available  english version available


About excavations made at Bossay sur Claise, near Martizay:    an english webpage is available     an english webpage is available about Solutrean laurel leaf point production   about Solutrean laurel leaf point production


About excavation made at Preuilly sur Claise, near Bossay sur Claise:


LThe Society of "Friends of Grand-Pressigny Prehistory Museum:


About Prehistory in general:


About the National Centre of Prehistory:


About scientic publications about Roman wall paintings by Alix Barbet, the French specialist:

About Archeology


The French National Institut about Preventive Archeologic Researchs:     


Main Archeologic sites registered by the French National Minister of Culture (What about Martizay?):


Project of a specific law about preventive archeological researchs at the French National Assembly:

About Regional Natural Park of La Brenne


To know more about La Brenne area and its Regional Natural Park:                             english version available english version available


A personal webpage full of informations about La Brenne:                         english version available english version available


About L'Indre


A nice webpage but care it is not updated:
A wonderful webpage about the nature in L'Indre:
The County Council webpage:

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