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 Do you want to defend Martizay Heritage? (archaeological, historical or environmental)

Do you want to participate to our Society? To help us for the new museum?

Do you want to receive the new Society Report before sales?

Do you want to receive the new Society Membership Card?

Do you want to join us?


Specimen of the Society Membership card

Specimen of the Society Membership card

 With pleasure !
Our Society is listening to you.
Your participation is and will always be welcome.
Whatever it is scientic, journalistic, financial, artistic, poetic, literary or anyother one.
Do not hesitate to write an article, a poem,  to draw. Do not hesitate to participate to our General Meeting, to meet our members. Like any Society we have our expenses and our projects so a financial participation is always very welcome.
Our Society is French State-Approved and our Account Manager will give you a French tax note to deduct from your income tax a part of the value of your Society financial participation.
You can print the end of this webpage or you can also click on this link to open a word page from which you can print out the form. You fill it out and send it to us at the below postal address.
Our postal address is:                                                                               open a word page from which you can print out the form
 Association des Amis du Vieux Martizay
 c/ Mr Serge Rigollet
26 rue de la poste
36220 Martizay
France - U.E.
Bulletin d’adhésion
NAME: Miss Ms Mr
JOB (S):
Payment of:         € - by postal or bank check
Date                             Signature
Membres bienfaiteurs - Benefactor Members:                                    20€ at least
Membres actifs - Active Members:                                                      10€
Young people from 12 to 18 years old, Students younger than 25, unemployed:         5
Joigning is free of charge for younger than 12 years old

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